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In 2015 Tory Griffin started TG's Sweet Treats to showcase his talents in the world of baking and creating mouthwatering desserts. In the middle of the covid-19 pandemic, while brainstorming ways to meet the needs of his customers in 2020, he came up with the idea to display all of his chef skills by adding the - & Grill for his  inspiring food dishes, that are a work of art. Since the age of 8, he has dreamed of owning his very own restaurant. Of which, he was inspired by watching Chef and Author Justin Wilson on PBS, who was known for the statement, "I gar-ron-tee." As well as other tv shows with Chefs like Martha Stewart on Holiday Entertaining,  and Fork In The Road with Chef Paul Prudhomme, etc.

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about the owner

Hi, I'm Tory Griffin, and since the age of 8yrs. old, I have desired to own my own restaurant, and bring people joy through the art of cooking. In the restaurant industry, I bring over 17 yrs of experience and 4 yrs of professional training and expertise to the cooking field. I attended West County Technical High School where we trained in Food Services during my Junior and Senior years. There I learned the foundations of cooking and intermediate chef skills.


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