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hey i'm tory griffin

and since the age of 8yrs. old, I have desired to own my own restaurant, and bring people joy through the art of cooking. In the restaurant industry, I bring over 17 yrs of experience and 4 yrs of professional training and expertise to the cooking field. I attended West County Technical High School where we trained in Food Services during my Junior and Senior years. There I learned the foundations of cooking and intermediate chef skills.

After that, I attended Forest Park Community College, and enrolled in the Hospitality Services program. Here I learned advanced chef skills, by apprenticeship under nationally recognized Chefs, such as Chef Reed Miller. I learned a lot and came out with a burning fire to please the cravings of our customers. In the continuing of my education as a student who is ever learning, my plan is to obtain my degree, attend cooking contest and shows to continue to challenge myself, learn from other world renowned Chefs in order to better myself, and forever wow my customers. 


I have a passion for revolutionizing the food industry, and being known as such worldwide. This will be seen in our products, business strategies, ideas, entrepreneurship, influence, food hacks, recipes, etc. Once our restaurant is established, we seek to create an ambience like no another, that pairs well with our innovative dishes. We will wow our customers every time. With a passion for helping our customers to stay healthy as well as be satisfied and full, we offer meal prep and a keto section, so be sure to check out our menu. 


As an all around chef, with dishes that reach the main stream international spectrum, we also are bakers. And that's where the Sweet Treats part comes in at, desserts like pastries, cakes, and pies, along with different kinds of breads.


Our dream is to be worldwide and internationally known as a Chef with Food Trucks, Restaurants, Catering, and Grocery.

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