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In 2016 with my passion to produce dishes that my customers can enjoy and love for years to come. I was thinking and wondering what my next best move would be. And I started to experiment with a marinade, and I ended up creating a masterpiece. Then I proceeded to the next steps, we found a manufacturer to bottle it, package it, label it, and distribute it for TG's Sweet Treats & Grill. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Customers are loving it and making rave reviews about it. It makes your meat for you meal plump and juicy, with undeniable tenderness, it seems like magic. And that is how Tory Griffin's Magic Marinade was born, and we hope you'll love it as well, as many others have, and it'll be one of the discussions at your dinner table, and at your next event.

Tory Griffin's Magic Marinade

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