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Like most people today, I became more health conscious. And as a Chef, I wanted to be a part of curbing the obesity rate in America, and help her to become great again by returning to the days of good, healthy, safe food. As the Keto Diet became the next big thing, I began to try it and experiment with it. I ended up losing a total of 60 lbs. and I am still going strong today. During my weight loss journey, being the Chef that I am, I started work on creating various keto recipes. While eating a keto meal, one day I noticed that there wasn't enough low carb sauce in the refrigerator, and thought the same about sauces on the market. Then, it dawned on me, I should create a low carb barbecue sauce. As I already knew how to make barbecue sauce, I simply began to tweak my creation into a low carb barbecue sauce. And it came to life, sweet and tangy with a kick, with very low net carbs. We call it Tory Griffin's Low-Carbbq Sauce, and it is now on the market.

Low-Carbbq Sauce

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